Burlington Artist Gallery Ltd.
                               3500 Commerce Court
                               Burlington, Ontario
                               L7N 3L7

                                                Art Restoration

With 42 years of experience in art restoration, we'll restore your worn, torn and broken items to look like new.  We can repair and re-frame old photos, restore damaged antique frames, repair torn canvases, retouch damaged paintings, fix broken ceramics and more. We also can handle smoke and water damage.

If you think your beloved treasure is damaged beyond repair, bring it to us.  Chances are, we can fix it.
Our latest restoration involved re-fixing a hippo and its balancing ball back onto its plinth.  As you can see from the photograph below ⬇️, it was a complete success!
We were to restore a badly damaged horse, which weighed 30lbs, and dated from the 1700's. It was restored to perfection!